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Peer review journal publications

  1. Brown J, Hatfield J, Wei Du W, Finch C, Bilston LE. (in press, accepted March 2010) The characteristics of incorrect restraint use among children travelling in cars in New South Wales, Australia. Traffic Injury Prevention.
  2. Chong S, Poulos R, Olivier J, Watson W and Grzebieta R. Relative injury severity among vulnerable non-motorised road users: comparative analysis of injury arising from bicycle-motor vehicle and bicycle-pedestrian collisions. Accident Analysis and Prevention. 2010; 42(1): 290-296.
  3. Clay FJ, Newstead SV, Watson W, Ozanne-Smith J, Guy J, McClure RJ.  Bio-psychosocial determinants of persistent pain six months after acute non life threatening acute orthopaedic trauma.  The Journal of Pain. 2010; 11 (5): 420-430.
  4. Clay FJ, Newstead SV, Watson WL, Ozanne-Smith J, McClure RJ. Determinants of return to work following non life threatening acute orthopaedic trauma:  a prospective cohort study. The Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine.2010; 42 (2): 162-169.
  5. Clay FJ, Newstead SV, Watson WL, Ozanne-Smith J, McClure RJ. Bio-psychosocial determinants of time lost from work following non life threatening acute orthopaedic trauma. BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders 2010, 11:6.
  6. Doukas G, Olivier J, Poulos R. and Grzebieta R.  (in press, accepted April 2010). Child pedestrian injury trends in New South Wales, Australia (1997-2006).  Accident Analysis and Prevention.
  7. Du W. Finch C. Hayen A. Bilston L. Brown J. Hatfield, J.  The relative benefits of population-level interventions targeting restraint-use in child car passengers. Pediatrics, 2010; 125: 304-312.
  8. Du W, Mitchell R, Hayen A, Finch C, Hatfield, J. Databases for road traffic injury surveillance in New South Wales. Journal of the Australasian College of Road Safety, 2010; 21: 56-64.
  9. Friswell R, Williamson A. (in press; accepted June 2010). Work characteristics associated with injury among light/short-haul transport drivers.  Accident Analysis and Prevention.
  10. Fulop T, Olivier J, Meador RS, Hall J, Islam N, Mena L, Henderson H and Schmidt DW. Screening for Chronic Kidney Disease in the Ambulatory HIV Population, Clinical Nephrology. 73(3): 190-196.
  11. Harvey LA, Poulos RG, Finch CF, Olivier J, and Harvey JG. (in press, accepted October 2009) Hospitalised hot tap water scald patients following the introduction of regulations in NSW, Australia: who have we missed? Burns.
  12. Mitchell R. Chong S. Comparison of injury-related hospitalised morbidity and mortality in urban and rural areas in Australia. Rural and Remote Health. 2010: 1326.
  13. Mitchell R. Williamson A. Olivier J.  (2010) Estimates of drowning morbidity and mortality adjusted for exposure to risk. Injury Prevention 16 (4) 261-266
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  15. Mitchell R. Curtis K. Watson W. Nau T. (2010) Age differences in fall-related injury hospitalisations and trauma presentations. Australasian Journal on Ageing 29 (3) 117-125.
  1. Neglén P, Darcey RL, Olivier J and Raju S. (in press, accepted January 2010) Bilateral Stenting at the Ilio-caval Confluence. Journal of Vascular Surgery.
  2. Norberg MM, Norton AR, Olivier J and Zvolensky MJ. (in press, accepted March 2010) Social Anxiety, Reasons for Drinking and College Students. Behavior Therapy.
  3. Watson WL, Clapperton A, Mitchell R. (in press, accepted August 2010) The burden of fall-related injury among older persons in New South Wales. Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health.




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