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Summaries of our current and recent research projects can be found by following the links below.

Childhood injury

Data systems and injury surveillance
1. Understanding road crash data better - factors that influence the likelihood of hospitalisation records matching police crash reports
2. Estimating the incidence of hospitalised injurious falls: Impact of varying case definitions
3. Record linkage: A tool for injury prevention research
4. The triage injury surveillance project
5. Investigation of coronial data
6. NSW injury hospitalisation profile
7. Public health and violence

Elderly falls
1. Analysis of trends in hospitalised pelvic fractures in older persons in NSW over the past decade
2. The epidemiology of hospitalised wrist fractures in older people, New South Wales, Australia
3. Development of falls injury risk projection, indicators and an evaluation plan

Road traffic injury
1. Fatigue in the light trucking sector
2. Risk perceptions, attitudes and behaviours regarding driver fatigue in NSW youth: The development of an evidence-based driver fatigue educational intervention strategy
3. Time of day, time awake and alcohol: The effects on fatigue and performance
4. Data matching project of work related driver fatigue
5. New South Wales Young Drivers’ Cohort Study
6. Psychostimulant use in long distance road transport
7. Risk taking attitudes of young NSW drivers
8. The development of messages and experiences to reduce road-related illusory invulnerability and risk driving, for school aged children and young drivers
9. Implicit attitudes and simulated driving behaviour
10. Evaluation of profile line markings as a road safety countermeasure: Analysis of crash statistics and on-road safety of driver behaviour and attitudes
11.The effects of in-vehicle audiovisual display units on simulated driving
12.Effectiveness and appropriateness of child restraints
13.The role of risk propensity in the risky driving of older and younger drivers
14.A review regarding the effects of advertising instalments on road safety
15.Developmetn of a testing program to conduct acoustic survey of engine brake noise

Sports injury
1. Risk factors for repetitive microtrauma injury to deolescent and adult cricket fast bowlers
2. Substance use and snow sport activity: An investigation of risk perceptions, attitudes and knowledge
3. Managing return-to-play decisions following mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI)
4. Junior Australian Football Safety Study (JAFSS)
5. Review and evaluation of Victorian sports risk management strategies, policies and programs
6. Parental perceptions of sports injury risk
7. Evaluation of the SafeClub training intervention to improve community sports safety
8. Barriers and facilitators to compliance with playground safety standards
9. Epidemiological profile of severe and catastrophic sports injuries in NSW
10. Sports ground and surface study and development of user safety guidelines

Water safety

Work related injury
1. Analysis of safety performance measures of the New South Wales mining industry
2. The Effects of Precarious Work on Occupational Health and Safety
3. Cost of work related injuries and illness in NSW
4. Pilot survey on employment type hours of work and safety in NSW mining 2003-2004
5. Self reported work-related injury and illness in NSW
6. Research on fatigue management in the rail industry



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