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Surveys of light truck and short haul drivers and companies on OHS issues and fatigue

The NSW Injury Risk Management Research Centre at the University of New South Wales has been asked to conduct an independent study of the light and short haul transport sectors by the National Transport Commission, the National Occupational Health and Safety Commission, the NSW Motor Accidents Authority, and the Australian Transport Safety Bureau.

To begin, we are doing a survey to find out directly from light and short haul truck drivers in NSW about the sorts of work that they do and the OHS problems that they face. One of the things we are interested to know is whether or not fatigue is an issue for light and short haul truck drivers (as it is for long distance heavy vehicle drivers).

We are also doing a similar survey of companies who use light and short haul drivers to learn about the OHS issues their drivers experience and the sorts of policies and practices they use to manage OHS for drivers.

To get an accurate picture of the industry overall, drivers and companies in both metropolitan and regional areas of NSW will be surveyed, and it is important that participants from as many different types of operations as possible take part and have their say.

To take part, drivers must transport goods or materials, and drive a rigid truck or light commercial vehicle up to 4.5t GVM. Short haul drivers of rigid trucks up to 12t GVM who work within a 100km radius of their home depot are also welcome to take part. Companies who employ or subcontract light or short haul drivers are invited to participate.

The surveys are completely anonymous and voluntary.

If you are interested in taking part or would like more information about the study, please call or email:

Rena Friswell ph: 02 9385 5353 email: r.friswell@unsw.edu.au or Assoc Prof Ann Williamson ph: 02 9385 4599 email: a.williamson@unsw.edu.au



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